The Communicative Isolation in the Age of Information Overload

We stare at our smartphones. We gaze at our tablets. Because we might miss something. A critique of the information age.

by Sven Reifschneider • 01 April 2016 • 1 comment


The Young Identity Crisis

Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where should and will my path lead? Where do I see myself in 1, 5, 10 years? An appeal to my peers.

by Sven Reifschneider • 13 March 2016 • 1 comment


It's Time to Reform the German Education System!

Why study? What's the point nowadays? The education system is fraught with issues, and as a student, I'm acutely aware of them.

by Sven Reifschneider • 12 April 2015 • 2 comments


Facing the Future Without a Clear Direction

Graduated from high school, now what? Many go on to study, but why? What do we want to achieve in life? There are far too many decisions to make at 18 or 19, decisions that shape the rest of your life. This is Generation Y at its finest. In line with my 20th birthday, I want to delve into this topic that has occupied my mind for months.

by Sven Reifschneider • 05 April 2015 • 1 comment


Materialism Leads to Unhappiness - Embrace Minimalism Instead

Buying is great. Owning stuff is great. More is better. Feeling down? A shopping spree will fix it. Sound familiar? Let's talk about healthy minimalism and conscious consumption.

by Sven Reifschneider • 08 March 2015 • 1 comment


Setting Up a USB Webcam in the Network and Archiving Photos

A guide on using a USB webcam under Linux for time-lapse photography or providing a live photo feed for the internet.

by Sven Reifschneider • 26 May 2014 • 1 comment


Compiling and Configuring Samba4 from Scratch

On older systems, Samba 4 isn't always readily available, yet this newer version offers numerous advantages.

by Sven Reifschneider • 26 May 2014 • 1 comment


THE Management Software for Photographers

PentaPaper is a new software solution for photographers and sole proprietors and creative freelancers. I'd like to share my goals and vision for this project.

by Sven Reifschneider • 27 January 2014 • 17 comments


The WMR200 Weather Station and Linux: A Perfect Pair with Weewx

For the WMR200 Weather Station, Weewx stands out as the best software option on Linux.

by Sven Reifschneider • 29 October 2013 • 1 comment


Setting Up a Mini-NAS with Samba on the Fujitsu Futro S400 Running Debian Wheezy

Easily create a Mini-NAS using the Fujitsu Futro S400 Thin Client.

by Sven Reifschneider • 25 October 2013 • 2 comments