Cum Rationem et Intellectum

About Me

Sven Reifschneider — technophile, creative, sophisticated

I'm a young entrepreneur from the heart of Hesse in the middle of Germany, who dedicates his life to IT and photography.

Since countless years I'm spending a huge part of my time with electronics and technologies. And since now over 8 years I'm supporting my clients as an IT expert and create software projects and websites, also for my company, the Neoground GmbH. Besides that I'm also supporting open source projects and also created a few myself.

My second huge passion is photography, which I'm doing for over 13 years. Right now my focus is on events and wedding photography, but I also enjoy many more kinds of photography and photo editing and tried out a lot over the years.

Besides my passions which I also pursue professionally, I'm very versatile interested which I also show on my blog on this website. Most articles are available in English, but some are only in German.

If you want to read more from myself, I'm also blogging at my company's website about software and web related topics.



Feel free to send me a message — via social media or the old school way via email. Regarding technical questions you can also directly contact my company, the Neoground GmbH.