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EU Plans for Streaming Fees

A blow to net neutrality: The EU is planning streaming fees that threaten net neutrality. But there are better solutions: State funding for internet infrastructure could secure fair access for everyone.

by Sven Reifschneider • 16 May 2023

Current Affairs

30 Years of the World Wide Web

Join me in exploring the incredible journey of the internet and its impact on the world. Discover how the digital revolution has transformed our lives and what the future holds. Accompany me on this thrilling retrospect!

by Sven Reifschneider • 01 May 2023


The Communicative Isolation in the Age of Information Overload

We stare at our smartphones. We gaze at our tablets. Because we might miss something. A critique of the information age.

by Sven Reifschneider • 01 April 2016 • 1 comment