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The Dark Side of Shift Work: An Overdue System Overhaul

Shift work - these two words invoke discomfort and unease in many people. But what makes shift work so unattractive, and why is it especially problematic in Germany? Dive into a world that for many is a necessary nightmare.

by Sven Reifschneider • 15 June 2023


Inclusive Urban Planning for Children and Adolescents

In a world increasingly oriented towards consumption and cars, there is often little space left for people, especially children and adolescents. Inclusive urban planning, which meets the needs of younger generations, is crucial for a livable future.

by Sven Reifschneider • 01 June 2023


The Communicative Isolation in the Age of Information Overload

We stare at our smartphones. We gaze at our tablets. Because we might miss something. A critique of the information age.

by Sven Reifschneider • 01 April 2016 • 1 comment


It's Time to Reform the German Education System!

Why study? What's the point nowadays? The education system is fraught with issues, and as a student, I'm acutely aware of them.

by Sven Reifschneider • 12 April 2015 • 2 comments